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History of Lloyd Loom
How It's Made

The Beginning

In the early 1900s Marshall Burns Lloyd, an American, received several patents for his process of using loomed twisted kraft paper, partially reinforced with steel wire and woven to be stronger and more attractive than wicker.

The new loomed woven fabric meant that a chair could be produced in a quarter of the time it took to make a rattan or wicker version. The end product was not only more beautiful but much more durable, as well.

In America, Mr. Lloyd's product became quite famous. His company was merged with Heywood-Wakefield, who went out of business in the 1980s.

The British Invasion

In Europe, the manufacturer in London purchased the rights and specialized equipment from Lloyd Manufacturing in 1921 and became hugely successful. But having been bombed in WWII, and the necessary materials for production unavailable due to the War effort, the company never recovered and discontinued operations in 1960.

Over the years, Lloyd Loom British Woven Fibre Furniture has been seen on ocean liners, in hotels and tearooms; it became standard issue for the British Army and RAF all over the world; it even graced the Royal Boxes at Wimbledon, Henley and Twickenham and is often seen "keeping the British end up" at Royal functions.

The New Millennium

With respect for the history of the product, a love for the original styles and an understanding of the needs of today's consumer – Loom Britannia was created.

Thanks to the craftsmanship of dedicated employees, the vision of bringing this elegant and interesting product to North America has been realized.

Utilizing the unparalleled manufacturing capabilities of factories in Europe and Asia, Loom Britannia Lloyd Loom Furniture enjoys a unique range of product enhanced especially for the North American market; using the original techniques and style that made this product world renowned.

Loom Britannia imports its collector quality, Lloyd Loom British Woven Fibre Furniture, for indoor and protected outdoor use; Lloyd Loom Furniture is a product about which several books have been written, detailing the history of the product and the identification and restoration process.

In huge demand by Interior Designers and Architects the world over, this style of furniture is "all the rage" in Europe and is poised to grace any venue for today’s client who demands "value-for-money."

We will be pleased to provide additional information upon request. Thank you!

Loom Britannia - Classic Lloyd Loom British Woven Fibre Furniture